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Fond du LAN FAQ


What is Fond du LAN?

Fond du LAN is the current convention produced by the Unstoppable Allied Vanguards.  First and foremost, Fond du LAN is a LAN party for gamers in the Fond du Lac, WI area.  Holding numerous tournaments, the Fond du LAN staff will ensure Fond du Lac’s largest LAN party will have a reliable network backbone.  Fond du LAN is sponsored by leaders in the industry will also in popular video games,


Fond du LAN I, Winter 2006 is officially dedicated to the memory of James Kim.  Formerly a host of techtv’s Fresh Gear, James was beloved by everyone watching techtv for his unique style and energetic reviews of tech products.  He recently passed away trying to get help for his young family, after being trapped in an Oregon forest for a week after a Thanksgiving vacation.


Who organizes Fond du LAN?

The [UAV] consists of a core team of volunteers responsible for all aspects pertaining to the annual Fond du LAN conventions.


Do I get a spot in the BYOC for sure?

Only if you register.  We will allow people to join No, you will be able to attend Fond du LAN and its events, but you will not be able to bring your machine into the BYOC or play in the tournament unless space permits.

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